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Sonia Weber, Fractional CMO


Fractional CMO
Marketing & Brand Consultant

Companies I have helped

Plain English Finance
Women in hotels

A new way of marketing

It’s all about differentiation and profitability…The landscape has dramatically changed for tech startups. Increased competition and looming economic downturn mean that businesses need to think about differentiation beyond product, and how to grow profitably.


As the market evolves, so should skillsets. Teams need to move from ‘do’ to ‘think then do’ - evaluate how to cut through the noise, and develop your customer base - not just buy them. This change in skillset and focus requires coaching and guidance from strong leadership.

A new way of marketing
Marketing leader

The leader you need

Do you bring in a branding and marketing consultant, or would you hire a full-time CMO? If you are an investor with a portfolio of brands, do you need a full-time CMO for each of your businesses? How do you choose the right person?

In the new environment businesses find themselves in, marketing teams need a leader who can grow the business in short term, but also create strategies that can survive different market conditions.

A fractional CMO

With 20 years of experience at global companies, I have built brands and delivered campaigns that have seen proven commercial success over a long time period.

As a tech marketing expert, I have successfully worked with startups and investors either as a marketing strategy consultant, or assuming the role of a part-time CMO, also known as a Fractional CMO. For individual businesses, this helps to bring in C-suite level leadership at a fraction of the costs of a full-time CMO. For investors, this means you have a CMO across your different businesses, passing on best practices and achieving economies of scale within your portfolio.

Sonia Weber

How I help tech startups  

Brand Building


Helping you to develop your unique points of difference, and package up your brand in order to stand out in the market

Growth & Profitability


Identify the real issue behind growth and profitability, agree on focus areas, and devise concrete plan to power your growth

People Development


Cultivating necessary talent and skillsets to elevate and transform your marketing teams

"Sonia is a seasoned and highly respected Marketer and a valuable consultant. She is able to provide an insightful perspective and share her extensive knowledge which creates meaningful impact to the teams she works with. Sonia has a strategic mind which allows her to effortlessly guide teams into creating Marketing plans as well as providing extensive coaching which I know has been highly valued by those she has worked closely with. Sonia is driven, collaborative and enthusiastic and has a proven track record of success. She would be an asset to any company that she worked with."
– Sujata Bhatia, COO, Monzo

What my customers have said

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